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A pair of owls were found to be nesting in our house in Anaheim Hills in January of 2010. The owls managed to enter through a faulty screening vent in the attic. There attic is used for storage of seldom accessed items so the owls will remain relatively undisturbed. In order to not disturb the owls we did not install any form of external lighting other than the low level infrared source provided by this feature of the webcam itself. To the human eye the owl nest is either in very dim light during the day or total darkness at night. When the color webcam operates in infrared mode, the image provided appears onl in black and white. For more information on owls, visit: en.wikipedia.org/widi/Owls

The below are just a small number of the images that I have been able to locate so far. The webcam originally captured one photo every 6 seconds. Back in 2010, visitors to the website could view these images live. All of the several thousands of images from the time we first discovered the owls until the time all of the baby owls left the attic for good have been stored somewhere. The below are just a few of the highlights. As soon as I locate the drive where the other images were saved I'll be posting them to this website. Please check back at a later date for more images.

Januray 25, 2010

01/25/2010 11:40 AM PT Looking at you!

01/25/2010 11:50 AM PT Mating:

01/25/2010 11:51 AM PT 5 Eggs:

01/25/2010 11:56 AM PT Sitting On Eggs:

01/25/2010 11:58 AM PT Strange Head Contortions:

January 26, 2010

01/26/2010 12:31 PM PT Close Up:

01/26/2010 12:31 PM PT Hovering Over Eggs:

01/26/2010 12:58 PM PT Scrathing Head?

01/26/2010 06:34 PM PT Looking at you:

January 27, 2010

01/27/2010 04:46 PM PT Another Close Up:

01/27/2010 06:13:07 PM PT Male Brings Dinner:

01/27/2010 06:13:19 PM PT Mating:

01/27/2010 06:14:26 PM PT Getting To Dinner:

01/27/2010 06:14:45 PM PT 6 Eggs:

January 28, 2010

01/28/2010 06:09:14 PM PT Male Visiting:

January 29, 2010

01/29/2010 06:47:57 AM PT 7 Eggs:

01/29/2010 06:30:01 PM PT Dinner Time:

01/29/2010 06:31:40 PM PT Male Visiting:

February 06, 2010

02/06/2010 11:10:27 PM PT 9 Eggs:

02/06/2010 11:14:36 PM PT Mating:

February 08, 2010

02/08/2010 09:27:16 PM PT 11 Eggs?

February 18, 2010

02/18/2010 09:03:24 AM PT Mother Owl Looking At Her Newly Hatched Chick

February 16, 2010

02/16/2010 07:05:56 AM PT No egg seems to have hatched yet

02/16/2010 09:43:13 PM PT The first chick seems to be in this image

March 20, 2010

All the chicks have been born and are walking around

Not sure why the owls stare at the camera. Maybe it is the infrared light

April 03, 2010

Chicks are getting much bigger

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